Level 2/3 Customer Services

Great customer service is a key part of any business, and is one of the most valuable skills a working individual can acquire. Providing exceptional customer service will allow you to excel in the workplace, especially in customer facing roles such as those of shop attendants, estate agents, and a sales and service team.


Level 2/3 Business Administration

The level 2 business administration apprenticeship is designed with a variety of administrative roles in mind, including receptionists, junior legal secretaries, junior medical secretaries, and roles that involve digital marketing and social media.

The course will allow you to build a foundation of skills which are needed to be successful in this role, with guidance and on the job training.

Level 2 Team Leader

The NVQ Level 2 in Team Leading is for those for individuals who have a responsibility for planning, allocating and monitoring the work of others and lead a team.


It is suitable for people who have just begun a management role or who have both the ability and the opportunity to demonstrate recognisable management and leadership skills in their job role.