Customer Services Level 2


By completing the online Level 2 Customer Services course you will cover the following:


Learn more about the delivery of excellent customer service

Improve your communication skills to strengthen relationships and interactions with customers and colleagues

Develop the knowledge and principles that underpin outstanding customer care

Gain or develop key transferrable skills applicable in a range of industries and sectors

Unit 1: Understanding the organisation

Your learning goals:

  • Factors that can affect an organisation and the customer service role

  • Employee rights, responsibilities and organisational procedures

  • Career pathways within customer service

  • How employees are supported within the customer service role

  • Organisation’s policies and procedures.

Unit 2: Prepare to deliver excellent customer service

Your learning goals:

  • The principles of customer service in an organisation

  • How customer needs and expectations are identified

  • How to balance customer expectations against the organisation’s offer

  • How complaints are handled

  • Legislation relating to customer service.

Unit 3: Communication in the customer service role

Your learning goals:

  • Methods of communication with customers

  • How to handle customer service information

  • How to work as part of a team to provide effective customer service

  • How to meet the needs of a diverse range of customers

  • The importance of promoting and evaluating products and services.

Unit 4: Understand customers*

Your learning goals:

  • Cultural factors and how they can affect customer expectations

  • How good customer service can positively influence customer loyalty

  • How the reputation and image of organisations can effect customer perceptions

  • Identifying dissatisfied customers.

*Mandatory for Lifetime Awarding students

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