Dementia Care Level 2


By completing the online Level 2 Dementia Care course you will cover the following:


Learn about factors that contribute to effective dementia care

Gain a practical insight into effective social and medical treatment

Understand more about the benefits of a person-centred approach

Discover how interaction and active engagement provides relief for individuals with dementia

Unit 1: Dementia awareness

Your learning goals:

  • Defining dementia

  • Key functions of the brain affected by dementia

  • Why depression, delirium and age related memory impairment may be mistaken for dementia.

Unit 2: Person-centred approaches

Your learning goals:

  • The medical model of dementia

  • The social model of dementia

  • Why dementia should be viewed as a disability.

Unit 3: Communication and interaction

Your learning goals:

  • Factors influencing communication and interaction

  • How a person-centred approach encourages positive communication

  • Factors affecting interactions.

Unit 4: Equality, diversity and inclusion

Your learning goals:

  • The importance of diversity of individuals with dementia

  • Person-centred approaches in dementia care

  • Ensuring diverse needs are met.

Unit 5: Administering medication

Your learning goals:

  • Common medications

  • Providing person-centred care through medication.

Unit 6: Understanding behaviour

Your learning goals:

  • Behaviour as a means of communication

  • Responding to behaviours associated with dementia

  • Additional emotional support.

Unit 7: Engaging in activities

Your learning goals:

  • Impact of activity on physical and mental well-being

  • Social benefits of activities

  • Activity as a basis for a model of care and support.

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