Diabetes Care Level 2


By completing the online Level 2 Diabetes Care course you will cover the following:


Gain an understanding of this widespread condition and gain a nationally accredited qualification

Discover more about the biology behind diabetic requirements, reactions and symptoms

Equip yourself with invaluable knowledge to increase your awareness of different types of diabetes

Learn vital skills to help people manage and treat their diabetes

Unit 1: Understand Diabetes

Your learning goals:

  • The function of glucose in the blood

  • The function of insulin in the blood

  • Different forms and causes of diabetes

  • The risk factors for developing Type 2 diabetes

  • How diabetes is confirmed.

Unit 2: Prevention and early intervention of Type 2 diabetes

Your learning goals:

  • Factors relating to the prevention of Type 2 diabetes

  • How diet, exercise and lifestyle affect Type 2 diabetes.

Unit 3: Understand the initial care of diabetes

Your learning goals:

  • The social impact of diabetes

  • How to work with individuals to manage diabetes

  • How diabetes is monitored.

Unit 4: Understand the treatment and management of diabetes

Your learning goals:

  • How diabetes is treated

  • The treatment for hypoglycaemia

  • The treatment for hyperglycaemia

  • Complications that can occur as a result of having diabetes

  • Ways to prevent or detect complications associated with diabetes.

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