Essential IT Skills Level 2

By completing the online Level 2 Essential IT Skills course you will cover the following:

Boost your CV and gain IT skills valued by UK employers

Gain intermediate knowledge of widely-used Microsoft Office programs, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel

Master IT techniques to improve your productivity in the workplace

Continue to develop your computer skills to aid your progress in a variety of different careers

Unit 1: Word processing software

Your learning goals:

  • Entering information

  • Managing documents

  • Editing tools

  • Structure and layout

  • Combining information

  • Quality control.

Unit 2: Presentation software

Your learning goals:

  • Entering information

  • Managing presentations

  • Editing tools

  • Slide formatting

  • Animating your presentation

  • Preparing your presentation.

Unit 3: Spreadsheet software

Your learning goals:

  • Creating a spreadsheet

  • Managing spreadsheets

  • Analysing data

  • Formatting and presenting data

  • Charts and graphs

  • Quality control.

Unit 4: Improving productivity using IT

Your learning goals:

  • Approaching a task

  • Planning work using IT

  • Evaluating the use of IT

  • Improving productivity and efficiency.

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