Level 2 qualification in Lean Organisation Management Techniques


By completing the online Level 2 qualification in Lean Organisation Management Techniques course you will cover the following:


Understand the benefits of a lean working environment

Improve quality and increase your efficiency in the workplace

Apply continuous improvement to your current and future roles!

Gain practical and underpinning knowledge of lean organisation techniques in business

Unit 1: Lean organisation techniques in business

Your learning goals:

  • The principles of lean organisation techniques

  • The benefits of a lean environment

  • Productivity needs analysis

  • Processes and process mapping.

Unit 2: Business improvement tools and techniques

Your learning goals:

  • Continuous improvement techniques

  • Workplace organisation

  • Improving the work environment

  • Eliminating waste.

Unit 3: Working in business teams

Your learning goals:

  • What makes an effective team

  • Dealing with conflicts

  • Reviewing performance

  • Understanding roles of team leaders.

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