Nutrition and Health Level 2


By completing the online Level 2 Nutrition and Health course you will cover the following:


Learn about how diet affects a person’s health, focusing on the five major food groups

Gain a practical insight into effective weight management

Understand more about different types of eating disorders

Discover how nutritional needs vary according to an individual’s age

Unit 1: The principles of healthy eating

Your learning goals:

  • Linking diet and health

  • Components of a healthy diet

  • The role of nutrients

  • Principles of healthy food preparation.

Unit 2: The nutritional needs of individuals

Your learning goals:

  • Nutritional needs of children and young people

  • Nutritional needs of older people

  • Special dietary requirements

  • Barriers to healthy eating.

Unit 3: Planning a healthy diet

Your learning goals:

  • Understanding food labelling

  • Understanding food additives

  • Applying principles of healthy eating.

Unit 4: Principles of weight management

Your learning goals:

  • Risks associated with ineffective weight management

  • Body image and weight management

  • Planning a short-term weight management programme.

Unit 5: Understanding eating disorders

Your learning goals:

  • Different eating disorders

  • Causes of eating disorders

  • How eating disorders affect the individual and others

  • Managing eating disorders.

Unit 6: Principles of food safety for the home environment

Your learning goals:

  • Handling food safely

  • Personal hygiene when handling food

  • Storing food safely

  • Effect of food storage on nutritional value

  • Keeping food work areas clean

  • Checking food is cooked to the correct temperature

  • Disposing of food waste safely.

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