Working in the Health Sector Level 2


By completing the online Level 2 Working in the Health Sector course you will cover the following:


Learn about best practice for a wide range of health sector roles

Improve your communication skills to enhance interactions with service users

Formalise your understanding and knowledge of your current healthcare role

Gain industry-relevant skills and take your first steps into the health sector

Unit 1: Understand the role of the healthcare worker

Your learning goals:

  • Exploring a work role in a healthcare setting

  • Understanding working relationships in a healthcare setting

  • The importance of working in ways that are agreed with the employer

  • The importance of working in partnership with others in healthcare settings

  • The limits of own expertise and knowledge and when to refer to others

  • How to present a positive image of self, organisation and service.

Unit 2: Communication skills for working in the health sector

Your learning goals:

  • How to promote effective communication

  • How to meet the communication needs of individuals

  • How to maintain accurate and complete records

  • How to maintain confidentiality.

Unit 3: Personal development in the health sector

Your learning goals:

  • How to identify own personal development needs

  • Ways to support own personal development

  • How a personal development plan can contribute to own learning and development.

Unit 4: Health, safety and security in the health sector

  • How to assist in maintaining a healthy, safe and secure working environment consistent with legislation and organisational policies and procedures

  • The use of risk assessments in relation to health and safety

  • How to reduce the spread of infections in healthcare settings

  • How to summon immediate help in an emergency

  • The need for, and ways of reporting incidents related to health, safety and security.

Unit 5: Understand quality standards that apply in healthcare settings

Your learning goals:

  • Quality standards that apply to healthcare settings

  • How quality standards are monitored, evaluated and maintained in the health sector

  • How to use resources efficiently to support quality standards.

Unit 6: Equality and diversity in the health sector

Your learning goals:

  • The importance of diversity, equality and inclusion

  • How legislation and codes of practice support equality and diversity

  • How to work in ways that support equality and diversity

  • How to access information, advice and support about diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination.

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